Marathon Training: Not for the weak

As I reflect on the last 8 months… yeah I’ve been in a training circuit for 8 months now… I can agree that marathon training is not for the weak. Self discipline is absolutely key along with a lot of other things. 20229258_10105916176741414_1049480267060415635_n Continue reading

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1st Ultra Marathon – The best worst 17 hours and 34 minutes of my life.


Allow me to preface this post with: I am a medium distance runner who had never raced over a half marathon. This 24 hour endurance Ultra Marathon was the best thing I ever put myself through as a runner. Continue reading

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Dolly Sods Take 2: More adventure than we bargained for.

For the second year in a row, we made Dolly Sods our destination for Memorial Day Weekend. A 90% chance of rain all weekend was sure to be an adventure. Wild and wonderful, Dolly Sods is the best of West Virginia. Continue reading

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Reminiscing our first adventure!

We had talked about backpacking for months. We were obsessed with watching Survivorman. We needed adventure. In North Carolina we found that grand adventure we were yearning for! Needless to say, we were a bit unprepared… Continue reading

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Group training vs. Running Solo

Do you prefer to run solo or train with a group? Personally I love them equally for different purposes. I believe that one can benefit from doing a little of both in your training. My journey into being a runner has evolved from solo running only into being part of a run club and having normal training partners while still taking time for a solo run as well. Continue reading

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Sub-2 Hour Half Marathon

On April 2, 2017, I accomplished my goal of a sub-2 hour half marathon. It was a long journey of training both physically and mentally. There was 392 feet of elevation throughout the course and for the most part I was not able to train with my husband who has been my training partner for the last three years. Continue reading

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Back-off Mileage Week = Ninja Hill Training

We are 3 weeks out now from our half marathon. Bryce has been nursing an injury over the last month that has now been confirmed as a stress fracture, rendering him unable to do the Run For Home. For the last month and a half I have been training with our friend Kelly. Our Sunday long runs have reached a back off week in mileage. We decided to train our 8 miles this week on the middle section of the course which includes all the major hills of the course. Continue reading

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