Brooks Ravenna Running Shoes

As a runner, your most important tool is obviously your shoes. Currently, Bryce and I both wear Brooks Ravennas. He is using the Ravenna 7 model and I am on my second pair of Ravenna 6. The Ravenna model has great support and cushion. We switched to Brooks when we started to train for our first half marathon. We both had previously trained in relatively minimus shoes.

Props to Brooks on creating a shoe that holds up to taking a beating! Almost every running shoe I’ve ever purchased has ripped in the mesh areas before the shoe itself is broken down. This is absolutely not the case with the Ravenna. We are 4 season runners (Ohio) and take on mud/rain/snow. My first pair of Ravenna 6 were used for half marathon training last year as well as my go-to shoe for daily runs and races. After 400 miles I retired these shoes and they still look almost brand new. Ravenna 6…the shoe so nice I bought it twice! I currently have 69 miles on my second pair, in a different color of course. Bryce is still on his first pair and they are still treating him well and holding up great! The first time he ran in them he told me “It’s just like running on pillows!”

One of my favorite features of the Brooks Ravenna is the supportive saddle. It pulls from the heel to the midfoot for a snug fit. This is adjustable and you can set it to your own personal needs. **Note, make sure it isn’t too tight or the top of your foot and arch will be irritated for a couple days… Yeah, I found out the hard way.** The “break-in” period for these shoes felt like nothing. It was as if they immediately molded to my feet and gave me no issues. For me, these are the best shoes I’ve found yet!


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