Winter Training mode “ON”

Whether we like it or not, winter is upon us here in Ohio. This means busting out the ColdGear and the ol’ North Face running jacket. Having the correct gear is absolutely essential to winter running. Tonight I went for an easy 4 mile training run with my cousin/running buddy. I was nursing a sore foot and she a sore pelvis so it was determined we weren’t pushing ourselves. Oh, and we were adding in some hills too. The temp wasn’t terrible but was cold enough that I decided to bust out my Under Armour and North Face jacket.

I don’t get to use my North Face jacket much so I truly enjoy when I am able to. When the wind chill is below 25, my North Face Animagi Jacket is my go-to. Not only is it pretty but its super insulating! It is nicely form fitting and not bulky in the slightest. A hybrid design of a windproof core and breathable knit sleeves are the perfect match! The stretchy paneling on the arms and down the sides make it flexible and easy to run in. The Primaloft filling will keep you toasty warm along with not only thumbholes but also built in hand pockets inside the sleeves! This is a favorite of mine because I hate running with gloves. My hands get sweaty and then I don’t have anywhere to stick my gloves… this way, if I get hot I can pull out my hands and if I get cold I can stick them back in. It is also media compatible with pockets and a place in the neck to hold your headphones. The Flashdry material is great for wicking sweat on those cold runs too, and believe me… you will sweat in this jacket.

At 5’0 and 100lbs I sometimes have a hard time getting things to fit me properly. My Under Armour ColdGear pants are a nice example. I’m pretty sure they are made for those with the gift of height that I do not possess. Nonetheless, a little bunched up at my ankles they still do their job. For the last few years I have simply worn cheap fleece leggings for my cold runs. For Christmas this year, I finally got real ColdGear pants! WELL worth the money. They are beyond comfortable (even being a few inches long) and keep my nice and warm while I’m running. Along with the pants for Christmas I also received a ColdGear long sleeve shirt in a lovely bright coral. As with the pants, definitely worth the money for the warmth and comfort!

My last little tidbits of warmth came from my Schampa fleece balaclava and my Smartwool socks!

It is never too cold to run, you just have to dress accordingly!

Stats : 4mi, moderate hills — 9:55 pace

Weather : cloudy/light breeze, 30 (realfeel 24)


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We are a husband and wife who enjoy the outdoors to the fullest! Our adventures are chronicled on our YouTube Channel as well as this blog and on instagram.
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