Holy Cross Training Batman!

After viewing the weather report earlier this week I suggested to the hubby that we break out the mountain bikes for some cross training on Saturday and forego our weekly long run. Little did I know that this decision would make me cringe for the next three days every time I tried to sit down.

Being the eager beaver, he was loaded and ready to go when I got home from work Saturday afternoon. We headed up to the Bolivar Aqueduct Trailhead for the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath trail.  We arrived and did a video intro and were ready to hit the trail at about 2:45pm. Our goal was to travel 15 miles north to Ernie’s Bike Shop in Massillon, Ohio and then back to the car before dark. **If you live in the area and haven’t checked them out I highly suggest it**

The trail was soggy in a couple spots from recent rain but was solid for the most part. It was a part of the trail we’d never been on before and it is BEAUTIFUL! I would assume that during the summer it may get a bit buggy being beside the river but for this gorgeous February day, it was perfect. The miles flew by! Being used to running, it was a nice chance of pace to be going 7-9mph effortlessly. We arrived in Navarre after a short 10 miles and reminisced about shooting our engagement photos there a year and a half ago. This trailhead is a nice little park area with picnic tables, restrooms and some playground equipment across the street.

Moving on, we continued the 5 additional miles to Ernie’s. There was one area of the “trail” that ventured up through a little less than desirable area of town but it was quick and there was ample signage to keep you on course. As we neared Ernie’s I could tell my poor little butt cheeks were getting sore.

We pulled in to the parking lot at Ernie’s just as my Garmin pinged 15 miles. Ernie’s location is shared with a small café/ice cream shop, a canoe livery, and a Second Sole Outlet store. If you aren’t familiar with Second Sole, they are a running store and their outlet location is a great place to find last year’s running shoes at GREAT prices. They also have some picnic tables and a nice area to take a rest. We had a small snack and headed on our track back to Bolivar.

The sun was going down quick and we picked up the pace immensely on the way back to avoid having to use our headlamps. Not going to lie, the towpath is pretty creepy at dusk. **I watch way too many murder shows and many of them end up in areas much like this.** There is also a tunnel between Navarre and Bolivar that was literally PITCH black to go through at this point in the evening.

We pushed on and made it back to the car just before it was too dark to see. With sore butts and hungry bellies we loaded up our bikes and filmed the ending sequence to our video. It was a great trip and I suppose worth the sore sit bones for the next week. To check out our video of this excursion CLICK HERE!


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We are a husband and wife who enjoy the outdoors to the fullest! Our adventures are chronicled on our YouTube Channel as well as this blog and on instagram.
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