Back-off Mileage Week = Ninja Hill Training

We are 3 weeks out now from our half marathon. Bryce has been nursing an injury over the last month that has now been confirmed as a stress fracture, rendering him unable to do the Run For Home. For the last month and a half I have been training with our friend Kelly. Our Sunday long runs have reached a back off week in mileage. We decided to train our 8 miles this week on the middle section of the course which includes all the major hills of the course.

It was a brisk 21 degrees when we started our morning run and this was not factoring the wind-chill. Within the first mile we had warmed up nicely and started hitting the hills on mile 3.

We kept a pretty constant 8:50-8:55 pace. I have found that I allot myself time to “dog” up the hills a little bit by making up my time flying down the other side. I have also learned to shorted my stride and lean into the hills to conserve energy and save my knees. The last little trick I do is more for the mental aspect than anything; I like to do the “head-up, eyes down” method. I keep my head level but I focus on the ground directly in front of me instead of the top of the hill and it seems to make it go faster. For downhill I lengthen my stride and let gravity do the work! It was strange at first leaning into the downhill but after the first couple times it felt like second nature.

We completed our 8.1 mile run in 1:12:02 with an overall pace of 8:54.

We finished up with our Body Fortress Amino Blast Lemon Lime recovery drinks and it was Run & Done.

Today’s Gear : Under Armour Cold Gear Pants * Terramar Women’s Base Layer * North Face Animagi Jacket * Schampa Fleecepreen Facemask * Under Armour Running Socks * Brooks Ravenna 6



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We are a husband and wife who enjoy the outdoors to the fullest! Our adventures are chronicled on our YouTube Channel as well as this blog and on instagram.
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