Holy Cross Training Batman!

After viewing the weather report earlier this week I suggested to the hubby that we break out the mountain bikes for some cross training on Saturday and forego our weekly long run. Little did I know that this decision would make me cringe for the next three days every time I tried to sit down. Continue reading

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Halfway through half marathon training, and reflecting on last year’s race

This week brings me halfway through my half marathon training. With 6 weeks to go I already feel stronger than I did when I ran this particular half marathon last year. I decided to somewhat create my own 12 week plan because I am definitely not a beginner but I don’t consider myself advanced either. I regularly run up to 5 miles so I began at 6 miles and added 1 mile every other Sunday to my long runs. Once I reached 8 miles, I added 1 mile every week. Now at week 7 of training, Hubby and I decided to take a long run week off and do some serious cross training (see other post for the entirety of this cycle training that almost made my buns fall off). Continue reading

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Winter Training mode “ON”

Whether we like it or not, winter is upon us here in Ohio. This means busting out the ColdGear and the ol’ North Face running jacket. Having the correct gear is absolutely essential to winter running. Continue reading

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Brooks Ravenna Running Shoes

As a runner, your most important tool is obviously your shoes. Currently, Bryce and I both wear Brooks Ravennas. He is using the Ravenna 7 model and I am on my second pair of Ravenna 6. The Ravenna model has great support and cushion. We switched to Brooks when we started to train for our first half marathon. We both had previously trained in relatively minimus shoes. Continue reading

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Hiking the Three Ridges in Virginia


As per our tradition for the last 3 years, we spent New Year’s Eve in the woods! We decided to take a 6 hour drive to tackle a small portion of the Appalachian Trail. I generally do a decent amount of research before any trip we take. I like to get a feel for what terrain we will be doing as well as any issues that others have had following the trail. This really came in handy on this 13.77 mile journey! Continue reading

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Dolly Sods 3 day Wild & Wonderful Adventure!

Our first backpacking trip in West Virginia did not disappoint! It was absolutely wild and wonderful. Though a somewhat crowded weekend, we still found some tranquility and had two AMAZING camp sites. Between animal encounters and gorgeous views, this is absolutely our favorite trip we’ve been on to date! After reading be sure to visit our YouTube channel and watch the video of this adventure. Continue reading

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